Saturday, December 13, 2008


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Imagine -- Your mental sketches on your walls. You imagine, we develop.

How? With vinyl transfers. What are they? You might think of them as interior decorative stickers! With the colors, sizes, and variety of images we provide, you are free to customize your orders and create almost anything you can imagine. These transfers are the thickness of a couple coats of paint and resemble hand painted art work. We turn people or objects in your personal photographs into colored silhouettes. We have three main specialites:

  • custom silhouettes
  • stock silhouettes and embellishments (clouds, animals, flowers, etc)
  • custom lettering

We supply a variety of embellishments to create the perfect final product. All of our images are made of high quality removable (but not reusable) vinyl -- intended for many years of use. When you are ready to change your transfers, they easily peel off. We are committed to turning your imagination into reality -- you imagine, we create.